Atomy Malaysia is now open!

atomy malaysia openThe long awaited opening of Atomy Malaysia is here!

The Atomy Malaysia website is:

Atomy is a shopping website for essential products where people can be rewarded as they share Atomy with others.

Atomy is free to join, requires no monthly purchases and has low prices.  If you’re in a country that is open to Atomy then getting an Atomy account with buying and using Atomy products just makes sense.

Joining Atomy Malaysia

  • You must be a Malaysian citizen or be a permanent resident.
  • Non-Malaysian or foreigners residing in Malaysia are not eligible for registration
  • IC Number typed in registration must be identical with IC Number typed in verification.

  1. Get your sponsor’s id and guest password.  You also need your sponsor’s next sponsor id.  If you don’t have a sponsor or you would like to join our group then Click Here and follow the instructions in that process.
  2. Go to and click on Join and follow the process. (Be sure you join the correct side of the sponsor’s ID.  You usually want to be on the Left side.  Atomy’s system always fills the left side first then the right side.  Also write down the sponsor name so you can put it on the form you need to submit)
  3. Again go to:
  4. On the home screen click on “Application Form Atomy Membership” and print the form.
  5. Fill out the form, read everything carefully and sign at the bottom of the form.
  6. Place IC or PR card in the box of the form and take a clear picture of the entire form with the card.
    1. Go to this site:
    2. Login with your Atomy ID # and password and upload the picture of the form.
  7. The verification will take 2-3 working days after submission.
  8. You can check your verification status by logging back into the website.


How the Atomy system works:

Atomy is a binary system with 2 groups. You have a left group and a right group. When a person joins they are first added to the left side of the sponsor id and then the next person using the same sponsor id is added to the right.

The best placement strategy is using a powerline. For an illustration click here. This is where people are added one after another on your left side and when you add a person on your right they are added down the left side of that person. This way everyone is responsible to build their own right side.

Points and making money:

atomy multi-packAtomy is mainly for customer success which means Atomy rewards the consumers with top quality, low priced items with no joining fee or start up kits with the opportunity to earn some money over time. This could mean that it can take longer for a person to earn money with Atomy if that is their goal. So don’t go crazy and buy up just to try to make more money. You can actually end up losing money by doing that and is not the Atomy way.

We have people here in the USA that think that having a title of Sales Master or Diamond Master is so important to have that they buy $1,000’s of dollars of products to get the needed PV. Then they get their $350 or so bonus for the 2 weeks and then go back to their previous status but technically they still keep the coveted title but without the bonus money. So silly and can be very costly.

Personally it is my experience over the last 2 1/2 years to do Atomy naturally as a consumer. For example you buy products you personally use for personal PV accumulation. Then you tell others and they join and buy products and this puts PV under you.

Atomy will start keeping track of PV under you when you have 10,000 Personal PV or more. Because of this your first order should be 10,000 PV or more. This might be around $128 MYR or $30 USD.

At 10,000 to 299,999 Personal PV you earn about $90 MYR when you have 300,000 PV on each side.  300,000 PV is around $3,840 MYR of products on each side accumulated.

Hopefully you can find people from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Philippines or the USA to share Atomy with so you can get more PV under you.

Once you accumulate 300,000 Personal PV or you totaled 600,000 PV on your lessor leg in the previous month you will make about $285 MYR when you get 300,000 PV on each side.

Be sure to balance your 2 sides because after you get 300,000 PV on your lessor leg you trigger a payment and both sides flush to zero PV and you start over for the next day. Your Personal PV always accumulates as long as your account doesn’t expire.  To keep your account active you just need to personally purchase any product with PV in a 12 month period.

For example if you build down your left leg and you get 2 million PV and then start working on your right. Once you reach 300,000 PV on your right you will trigger a payment and all the points on your left and right clear to zero which means you just wasted 1.7 million points on your left.  So stay balanced as much as you can.

The nice thing is that Atomy has an unlimited downline meaning you can add members below you from any country Atomy is in to accumulate PV.

Remember, Atomy products are of very high quality and low priced. If you add people on your right side you could find that you make enough money to pay for the products you use and over time you find that you have 1,000’s of people under you and you’re getting PV from all of them.  You never know when someone added under you could really take off and invite hundreds.

For more information about the Atomy opportunity see: Opportunity page.

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15 Responses to Atomy Malaysia is now open!

  1. LEE KOK JYE says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    I am from Kuching, Sarawak and interest to be one of member. Can I be your stockist here?

    Please be advise.

    Thank you,
    KJ Lee

  2. ANITA KANDU says:

    Go go go Atomy…


    Good morning…

    I’m already a member of Atomy Malaysia…If I want to be a stokist in Malacca, what should I do and how..

    thank you.

  4. Kimm yeoh says:

    Can we get items fm stockist office on the spot n pay by cash or credit card ?

    How about like in overseas like US korea phillipines singapore etc

    • MikeMike says:

      Centers are supposed to be for education and training only. They are not to be used as stores. When you buy products from outside your country they can only be shipped to someone in that country.

  5. Wayne says:

    There are many peoples selling the items online, using Atomy logo anywhere they want..

    I wonder any action take against these members?

    Simply put Atomy malaysia google and you can find peoples selling it online at Street 11 and Lazada…

    The rules and regulation is just nothing beside SCARING those who really follow the rule and build their business step by step, while others SMART peoples just do whatever they want

    • MikeMike says:

      Hi Wayne, yes I understand what you’re saying and experiencing. I did a post about this for those selling on Amazon and eBay:

      In checking the sites you give I do see that most people are selling it for more than they can get being a member. To be honest what Atomy needs to do is make it easier for people to share a referral link, join and buy. I see that they are working on accepting Credit Cards there in Malaysia at least.

  6. Jessica Tan says:


    I’m already a member. If I buy small products like toothpaste? Do I need to pay shipping fees? I’m from Petaling Jaya

  7. Allen says:

    Hi ,
    Say i want to sponsor someone from another country like Mexico who is currently working here in Malaysia.How do i sponsor that person as she won’t be able to register here under Atomy Malaysia?

  8. sf says:

    1. any risk of a malaysian businessman register to be an Atomy member? i mean wil their company or personal get any taxes?
    2. if both of the husband and wife register under 1 account, can their sequence be exchanged? i mean the wife is main and husband is a sub.

    • MikeMike says:

      The rule is only persons can register and not companies. You could try to contact the Atomy office to try to change the order. But I’m doubting that they will do that. You can always try.

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