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Atomy ProductsThe goal of Atomy is to provide for people’s needs. Both with products they use daily and also financially.

Atomy is doing this by providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible price while at the same time giving those in Atomy the ability to earn commissions and bonuses. There are no joining fees, no monthly purchase requirements or any selling involved.

Below are the Atomy products in the USA.  Other countries have many of the same products and some countries like Korea have many more.

Atomy Personal Care Products

Atomy Toothpaste Made with Green Tea Extract and Bee Propolis. Catechin, a major ingredient of green tea, enhances immune power, as polyphenol ingredient has anti-oxidation and anti-biotic effect, and is effective for removal of bad breath. Propolis extract is collected from the entrance of bee hives and is a natural antibiotic substance with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties. USA Pricing 4 x 50g / 1.76oz tubes for $5.30 or 5 x 200g / 7oz tubes for $17.

Atomy Price Sheet 2016-07-01

Atomy USA Price Sheet as of April 2017

Atomy Toothbrush This will be the best toothbrush you will ever use. Soft and flexible nano gold infused anti-bacterial bristles. Effective in removing plague and will provide deep refreshing feeling for your teeth and gums. 8 in Box – USA Pricing only $9.00

Atomy Herbal Shampoo Atomy Saengmodan removes various elements blocking the scalp and pores that promotes hair cleanliness. It cares for damaged hair texture in order to maintain elastic hair. In addition, it keeps hair clean with avocado and aloe vera plant-based ingredients and removes waste and contaminants. 500ml / 17oz – USA Pricing $12

Atomy Body Cleanser Nourishment of organic herbs and oriental medicine ingredients/ Rich moisturizing power/ high cleansing effect/ healthy skin care. 500ml / 17oz – USA Pricing $9

Atomy Hair Essential Oil – A lightweight hair oil that is infused with essential oils to provide nourishing moisture for dry and brittle hair. USA Pricing $12

Atomy Lip Glow – Moisturizing Lip Care with SPF 15 – USA Pricing $12.50

Atomy Lip Treatment – Ultra nourishing lip treatment with Shea butter and 3 types of moisturizing oils. USA Pricing $5.50

Atomy Hand Soap – Remove bacteria on hands and skin – USA Pricing $3.50

Atomy Home Care Products

Atomy Dish Detergent Highly concentrated natural plant based formula creates powerful washing and natural antibacterial effects. Even safe to use on your fruits and vegetables. 1 liter / 35.3oz – USA Pricing $9

Atomy Liquid Laundry Detergent Highly concentrated eco-friendly detergent contains 3 natural cleaning elements (Quillaia, Soapberry, Soapwort) Uses Baking Soda and plant-derived surfactants for effective deodorization and cleaning. 2kg / 70 oz / 66 medium loads – USA Pricing $13

Atomy Powder Laundry Detergent Safe and clean, with strong plant-based surfactants and none of the 7 harmful ingredients (zeolite, fluorescent whitening agent, artificial color, preservative, phosphate, chlorine bleaching agent, animal ingredients) 2.4kg / 5.29 lbs / 133 medium loads – USA Pricing $12.50

Atomy Fabric Softener Safe and soft as natural cotton itself with cotton extract and none of the 7 controversial ingredients (artificial color, fluorescent whitening agent, chlorine bleaching agent, petroleum-based surfactants, paraben, phosphate, animal ingredients). 2kg / 70 oz / 153 medium loads – USA Pricing $11

Atomy Food Products

Atomy Cafe Arabica Black 100% Arabica Coffee gives a deeper, softer taste and smell. 80 packets. USA Pricing $16.50

Atomy Café Arabica – A premium coffee mix that uses 100% Arabica coffee beans and natural casein.  200 packets. USA Pricing $25.  That’s only 12.5¢ per packet.

Atomy Health Care Products

HemoHim+ Give your immune system a boost. Patented in the United States, 4 major countries of Europe, as well as Korea. HemoHim is continually proving its effect in immunity enhancement. 60 packets – up to 2 month supply. USA Pricing 1 for $92 / 2 for $117 each / 3 for $98 each / 4 for $88 each

Atomy E-Omega3 – Helps improve neutral blood lipid and blood circulation. Atomy E-Omega 3 is a convenient supply of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid necessary for our body. 180 capsules – 3 month supply. USA Pricing $20.50

Atomy Color Food Vitamin C – Contains Mango extract powder, Dried frozen strawberry powder, Pomegranate extract powder, Pumpkin extract powder, Tangerine extract powder, Fish collagen, Chicory root extract powder, Phellinus Linteus (Sang-hwang mushroom extract powder), Tumeric extract powder, CoQ10. 90 packets – 3 month supply. USA Pricing $19.00

Hongsamdan – 100% Red Ginseng Dietary Supplement. Korean Red Ginseng Spherical Granule is a health functional food that may enhance immunity, support fatigue resistance, promote blood circulation, improve memory functions and be effective as antioxidants. – 60 1g packets. USA Pricing $75

Atomy Skin Care

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Before and after 90 days – Click to enlarge

Luxury Korean Skin Care produced by a combination of 3 major advanced technologies. Using natural ingredients extracted from fresh organic plants and herbs without the high price.

(1) High purification technology

High purification technology that removes oxidants, toxins and color developed by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute.

(2) Korean Medicine Anti-Aging Biotechnology

Using fresh organic plants and herbs restores skin health and maintains youth (anti-oxidizing, skin health improvement and skin texture improvement)

(3) Multiple Nano-capsule technology

Multiple nano-capsule technology of Kolmar Beauty and Health using phospholipids was praised as the world best technology at the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists in Italy. It effectively delivers active ingredients into skin (Infiltration Function)

Skin Care 6 System – Includes Toner, Eye Cream, award winning Essence, Lotion, Nutrition Cream and BB Cream. USA Pricing 1 for $92 / 2 for $117 each / 3 for $98 each / 4 for $88 each

Evening Care 4 System – Includes Deep Cleanser, Foam Cleanser, Peeling Gel, Peel off Mask. USA Pricing $36 each set

Atomy Aqua 3 set – This basic set includes a Toner, Serum and Cream for natural hydration with whitening functions. USA Pricing $46 each set

Calming Care 3 SystemComposite of oriental skincare recipe fused with western herbal treatment. Effective soothing for troubled skin by caring for both internal and external causes. Calming Skin, Again Serum, AC Solution. USA Pricing $62 each set

Atomy Men Skin care – Toner, Essence, Lotion for men. USA Pricing $39 each set

Sun Screen – Formulated to provide Broad Spectrum protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Non-sticky and fast absorbing formula. Comes in Beige and White. Also for sensitive skin. SPF 50+. 60ml / 2 oz – USA Pricing $9 each

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Canada Shipping: FREE OVER $180 CAD

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